Mark Slaughter

Mark Slaughter Fostinis Guitars

Slaughter has sold more than 5 million records  world -wide. The group has had numerous top hits on the Billboard charts such as, Fly To The Angels, Up All Night, Spend My Life, and Mad About You. They also won the 1991 American Music Award for “Favorite New Artist.”  

Slaughter has toured with KISS, OZZY OSBOURNE, POISON, DAMN YANKEES, and countless others.

Stix Zadinia

Stix Zadinia Fostinis Guitars

"Fostinis guitars play great! They're killer looking too. I think it may help me score more chicks.........and really, isn't that why ANYONE ever plays heavy metal?! -Stix Zadinia of Steel Panther"

Janne Nieminen

Janne Nieminen Fostinis Guitars

Finnish Guitar Virtuoso and 2016 Guitar Gods Festival Winner Janne Nieminen. 

"When I first received my guitar I was blown away! I have to admit that I haven't played a guitar with a better neck than a Fostinis. Everything about the guitar is great! The sound, neck, shape, feel and look of it ! Im going to use it as much as I can! I will also create some serious stuff with it !"

Peter Henningsson

Peter Henningsson Fostinis Guitars Matadaur

Swedish Shredder Peter Henningsson sports a Matadaur-C in Aurora Burst. He’s the lead guitarist for FORTRESS OF FEAR.“When I first played the guitar, I noticed how resonant it was. The build quality is really solid and every part really matches the other. Amazing fretwork and setup right out of the case. The Matadaur truly is a TONE MONSTER!"

Mike Kyre


Mike Kyre is a session musician/guitarist/producer as well as electric & acoustic guitar tutor from Greece. His first personal instrumental album “The Lands of Nowhere” was released in the fall of 2014 summer period. Check it out on iTunes or Spotify!

“My Sphyx is the ultimate shred weapon! It has a smooth and comfortable neck with two coil split for unlimited tone possibilities. Can play any music style for sure! I totally love it..”