About Us

Here at Fostinis Guitars we recognize that sound, quality, playabilty & beauty are essential to todays musician. We take pride on our builds and we hope you love our guitars as much as we do.

  • Fostinis Guitars strive to bring you the highest quality electric guitars by paying attention to detail and installing best hardware and electronics on the market.
  • When you purchase a Fostinis Guitar you do not need an initial setup. We do all the work for you. 
  • We manufacture and assemble our guitars in various places throughout the Tri-State area in the United States of America
  • So far all models have been designed by Jimmy Fostinis. Jimmy Fostinis is a designer/luthier/musician who takes pride in his craft. 
  • Please E-mail us with any questions at fostinisguitars@gmail.com
  • Social links (Instagram - @fostinisguitars Twitter - @fostinisguitars, Facebook- Fostinis Guitars)